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"Atlas of Mafia Capitale" is an interactive platform aimed to making the events of the investigation accessible. The digital Atlas allows the exploration of the complex network of relationships between all of the people involved, from those who played a central role to those located more marginally in the network. The navigation follows the chronological evolution of the events as reported by mass media, offering the news articles published each day regarding the scandal and highlighting where people and places cited in the article are placed on the network. In a dedicated section at the bottom of the screen, a timeline shows where in time of the story the user is at any given moment and it’s fully interactive to be scrolled backward and forward.

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One key feature that we wanted the Atlas to have, is to let the user choose how to read the whole story. Being the scandal of Mafia Capitale so broad in terms of topics, people, places, and arguments, it was important for us to designed the Atlas to offer multiple and specific points of view to adopt and thus re-shape the network. For example, one of the biggest early arguments revolved around whether Mafia Capitale was “black” or “red”. If the user chooses to explore the story with this setting, the network will show only the people and the places involved in this particular debate. At any time, the user can switch to the other points of view, as this will be suggested by the interface at intersections between particularly related topics. Other points of view currently implemented are “Business on Rom camps”, “Financing for the election campaigns”, “Background on the people: why them?”, “The drug market”, “Immigration and hospitality”.

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Even though the Atlas doesn’t offer direct answers to the many questions we rise in the first place, the exploration of the phenomenon hopefully helps in understanding the story and its evolution. All the contents were collected during an in depth research on the investigation: to learn more about the research, please visit the Mafia Capitale — Media Analysis & Research Report project page.

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At the moment, the "Atlas of Mafia Capitale" is a concept-project yet to be developed. If you are interested in the project and would like to help us produce it, please get in touch with us. We can also provide much more detailed material for press use.

Early sketches

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Tech Specs

Interactive web application


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Serena Del Nero
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Alessandro Zotta

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