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Live Performance

VJ at Fabrique Milano



ESN — International Student Network


Fabrique, Milan


Since 2008, ESN organizes the biggest New Year's event in Europe dedicated exclusively to International Students. Every year, more than 2,500 people join for the craziest party and the craziest New Year's countdown of their lives. In the previous editions, there have been organized trips from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, and other countries, to come to Milan just for the night of the event. For each edition, the location is kept secret until a few hours before the party, while all guests visit Milan and get ready for the night.
For the 8th edition, the party was held at Fabrique, a new avant-garde location in the new center of Fashion in Milan. With its 2,000+ squared meters of dancefloor, it is the biggest club in Milan, second only to the Forum, sports hall of Assago MI.

These are a few screens of the projections.

  • visual-fabrique-01
  • visual-fabrique-02
  • visual-fabrique-03
  • visual-fabrique-04
  • visual-fabrique-05
  • visual-fabrique-06
  • visual-fabrique-07
  • visual-fabrique-08
  • visual-fabrique-09
  • visual-fabrique-10
  • visual-fabrique-11
  • visual-fabrique-12
  • visual-fabrique-13
  • visual-fabrique-14
  • visual-fabrique-15
  • visual-fabrique-16
  • visual-fabrique-17
  • visual-fabrique-18
  • visual-fabrique-19
  • visual-fabrique-20
  • visual-fabrique-21
  • visual-fabrique-22
  • visual-fabrique-23
  • visual-fabrique-31
  • visual-fabrique-25
  • visual-fabrique-26
  • visual-fabrique-27
  • visual-fabrique-28
  • visual-fabrique-29
  • visual-fabrique-30
  • visual-fabrique-32
  • visual-fabrique-24
  • visual-fabrique-33
  • visual-fabrique-34

When I was offered to design and live perform all the visuals for the event in such an iconic location, I took the chance to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I never did before. Given the circumstances, having fun was definitely part of the plan. So I called a talented friend to join me and to start this project together. Huge thanks to Alberto Rondoni for his support, enthusiasm and professionality demonstrated throughout this short adventure, this project wouldn't be possible without him. We surely look forward for another opportunity to collaborate again.

The party was a blast. You can see more snapshots of our performance below.

  • visual-fabrique-37
  • visual-fabrique-38
  • visual-fabrique-40
  • visual-fabrique-41
  • visual-fabrique-42
  • visual-fabrique-43
  • visual-fabrique-45
  • visual-fabrique-46
  • VJ


Alberto Rondoni
Alessandro Zotta

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